Arctic Ocean Race
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  • 2022 | Europe Ultra 0

Battle of thenorth

Participate as Singlehanded or Crew with multiple Team members.
Race in any seaworthy vessel you decide.

To give each challenger the best opportunity to win
there is 5 boat categories.



Small; from 18,00 to 35,00 feet incl.
Medium; from 35,01 to 45,00 feet incl.
Large; from 45,01 feet upwards



Small; from 18,00 to 35,00 feet incl.
Large; from 35,01 feet upwards

All measurements are in feet (1 feet = 0,3048m) according to hull length as per Equipment Rules of Sailing for 2021-24 World Sailing definition.

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Made in the Kingdom of Denmark
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